Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting there is half the fun!

A Vintage Farmall tractor in the Rutledge Fall Festival Parade (all ten minutes of it!).

Oren Erickson and a vintage Farmall tractor

We're still doing well on Ideablob. Tomorrow is the last day for the "sprint," then we have a week of final votes. I found the Mercantile mentioned on a blog called "Work at Home Truth". Check it out here. It's nice to know that we have friends everywhere!

Today was the annual Rutledge Fall Festival. It was really fun as usual. Where else can you watch a parade that is, at most, 10-minutes long? There were two hot cars, two not-so-hot cars, four political candidates (throwing candy to the kids), 8 very cool vintage tractors and a bunch of kids and adults with face paint on bikes. Hmmmm, who do you suppose were the Rabbits?

L to R: Ant, Ewan, Ted, Cynder, Aurelia, Morgan, Sierra, a Super Hero

Denny Clatt for Eastern County Commissioner!

I want one of these for my garden!

Also joining us (in the parade and at DR) this week are the Super Heros. A group of about 25 enthusiastic, fun people who are interested in making the world a better place, they ride around on their bikes doing good deeds. They all wear capes, have 'super hero' names ("Compassionate Man," "Super OK with himself Guy"), and are just a delight. They're camping here at DR for 3 days, doing a day of work each at DR, Sandhill and Red Earth Farms. Friday they helped bale the Mercantile, stomped cob with Annie, washed Tereza's windows, and lots of other things I don't know about.

L to R: Sierra, Super Hero, Queen Bee, Cob (aka Crazy Hat Man), two more Super Heroes

Glam Jan

More tomorrow!

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