Friday, September 26, 2008

And so ends another drama-filled week in Rutledge

Earlier this week I sent out an Ideablob email to people I had met at the Coop America Green Business Conference in Chicago. On of my favorite responses came from Sheryl at Twisted Limb Paperworks. It turns out the she is one of the winners of this years Eileen Fisher $10,000 grants. It is so exciting! And it couldn't go to a cooler company! It was so fun to answer her questions about what happened in New York when, as a 2007 winner, I got to hang out with Eileen Fisher (oh, yeah. We're like this!). All I could say was that it was just like being a fairy princess; all of the work had been done, and it was time to sit back and bask in the loving attention. Be sure to check out Twisted Limb's website, and sign up for their newsletter - there are always really interesting tidbits in it!

I have continued to receive wonderful, supportive emails from people I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, for which I am incredibly grateful. We have until Tuesday at midnight, and I'm going to keep working on the Ideablob thing until then. And if we do not win, I'll be disappointed (because we could really use the $) but honestly, I am healthy, happy, doing work I love, with amazing support and enthusiasm from a community both known and unknown. What, really, could be better? World peace. A new president. And a really good Chinese take-out place in downtown Rutledge. But I'll settle for what I have.

Our friend Julie, whose daughter wants to be a horse, is coming for the day (the pony and the husband are staying home in St. Louis for this trip). We'll spend the afternoon over at the Sorghum Fest at Sandhill (where I get to talk into a microphone!) and then come back here to yap away. Life is good.
Maggie P., future pony
Thanks again for reading, and I'll write more soon.

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