Friday, July 4, 2008

Flying our Flag to Remember that Peace is Patriotic

Happy Independence Day!

Annie and I continue working on the webstore. We (very) quietly launched it Thursday at 11:30 p.m. We are very excited.

We are finessessing the copy, adding DIY and resource links, adding cross-selling items, and having a great time.

We have some of the most marvelous product, from some amazing vendors. I hope to write about some of each soon.

Our store debut at SoTish in LaGrange, IL last Thursday was fantastic. The crowd was supportive, interested and very fun. It is always a treat talking with other business-women. We're all having a blast, and trying very hard not to go out of our minds. A very fine balance.

In a couple of hours we're going up the hill to Jason's. He's hosting a July 4th Food Fest. We heard a rumor that pulled pork is on the menu. I drool just thinking about it. We have a lot of great food around here, but sometimes the bone-gnawing carnivore inside me is screaming for a little meat. (Sorry vegan friends. Please don't be offended.)

We have about 20 visitors here. They are enthusiastic and happy to be here. Some of them I really like a lot. Unfortunately they are the ones who are (mostly) not interested in relocating to Dancing Rabbit, at least not right away. Sigh. However, we can have fun while they are here, make the connection and stay in touch. It is always a comfort to know there are such folks in the world.

But back to the group. Some are a really good fit, others not so much so. Some are amazingly self-aware, and some are amazingly obtuse. Child-rearing styles are always interesting to watch, and the contrast between kids who get thoughtful attention and clear boundaries and the kids with parents who "encourage little Biffie to act on his feelings" is stunning. Biffie's feelings often tend toward screaming loud enough to peel paint and smashing his brother in the face. On the other hand, there is also a lovely five-year old here who was only allowed to interact with Baloo after being "introduced." What a nice change of pace to encounter someone teaching her kids to be respectful of animals, even very kid-tolerant golden retreivers.

That's got to be it for now. Gotta finish baking cookies for the bash. More soon!