Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm back!

Whoops! I'm a bit behind. So here goes, blogging at the speed of sound!

A fabulous group of students from Wash U in St. Louis who run the Burning Kumquat Farm Coop. LOVE THEM - look at those FACES. Couldn't decide whether to adopt or try to hire each and every one of them. Bright, funny, warm and enthusiastic, they give me hope for the future...
Smiling Kumquats in my kitchen...

There is a roof on the Mercantile! Yeah! Roger Fox and his intrepid crew finished in less than a week. Oddly, they left muddy footprints on the roof.

Totally cool equipment, dude.

And just because you're reading this, my joke of the month:

Q: What did Baloo say when he saw Roger Fox?

A: Roof! Roof!

Teamwork (enlarge this and check out what is going on!)

And now that the roof is on, the windows are going in. Yippee!!! This is the front porch.

This week was the week of roofs: on Saturday Kurt went out and finished the roof on our uber-cute wood shed. Imagine it painted white, with a red door, and climbing roses and clematis along the sides. How fab is that going to be?

Kurt and the wood shed.

Then we went to Arlo Trueblood's and picked up a load of straw. Well, actually I didn't go along, I just gave them really poor directions...

Angella, Sierra and Ewan hanging out in the trailer.

And merchandise has been pouring in for our July 1st webstore launch. I am SO EXCITED - the stuff is so, so cool. I am even excited about the packaging. Look at how Down to Earth Distributors packed their shipment:

These are recycled, newly perforated cardboard boxes that you're looking at. I am just so impressed, and relieved that there are folks like this out there doing business.
I'll get some of our cool products posted soon. And I promise I'll write more, maybe even every day! Thanks Amy and Sparky for reading - I'll get those checks to you soon!