Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sun DID Come Out!

It is currently sunny, breezy and around 50 degrees here in Rutledge, Missouri today. I cannot tell you what a RELIEF this is. I never really thought that I was affected by the weather, and more specifically by the lack of sun in the winter. But I'm beginning to notice that I always feel happier when the sun is out. Coincidence? You be the judge!

I wish we had Smell-o-Vision, or some way for you to smell the amazing aroma wafting through the Mercantile right now. I just took a Triple Nut Chocolate Tart out of the oven...ooohh la la! (We're preparing for the Valentine's Day dinners tonight and Monday.

I'm also busily working on getting our 2011 Seminars up and online. Running the gamut from Family Adventure Weekend to Consensus Decision Making, we're quite excited about them.

OK. I've got to get back to work - time to put the chicken in the oven and begin the Flourless Chocolate Cake. More soon!