Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting Ready for the Grand Opening

We're getting ready for our official Grand Opening tomorrow. Anthony's working in the Mercantile kitchen, I've spent the day in our home kitchen. He's doing savory, I'm doing sweet.

The menu.

On the menu: La Quercia charcuterie, an amazing assortment of cheese, mini "sliders" made from happy pastured beef with home made buns, miso pork tamales and much much more.

Tamales in progress.

Mini chocolate fudge cupcakes.

Baloo waits patiently while we run around like nutty people.

We had a full page ad in the Memphis Democrat yesterday (it's a weekly paper) but have no idea how many (or even if any) guests will come. If they don't we'll be eating well for a week.

I'll post more pix soon!