Sunday, September 21, 2008

LIfe is good!

Today I've been perusing all of my favorite eco-blogs and websites, considering who to write (i.e. grovel) and ask for support re: Ideablob. And then I stopped by Google Analytics, which is my new geek toy, and found that we've been getting hits from EcoSalon. Hmmm....

So I went there. It is a lovely site, with really good writing and thoughtful articles. It is affilitated with Viva Terra, the store I absolutely lust after, which was created by retail visionary XXX. Anyway, look what I found when I got there:

"There's an eco-artisan company in Northeastern Missouri that isn't just satisfied with promoting ecological sustainability - it's running its whole business on it.

The Milkweed Mercantile (part of the Dancing Rabbit eco-village, recently featuring on Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days") are a cooperative with a fascinating business model. The business is owned equally by all employees, who all receive the same hourly wage and equal share of the end-of-year profits. But it's not just about blowing a raspberry in the face of traditional American business practices. Like Dancing Rabbit, The Milkweek Mercantile is energy-independent: power is locally-generated and renewable, building materials are sustainable, gardens are organic, and the fuel for the company's share-owned vehicles (no single owners) is bio-diesel. The message? You can live entirely by your eco-principles and turn a profit. Our applause is deafening."

Amazing! The author, Mike Sowden, REALLY gets it! Sigh.

And by tonight we'll be finalists in the Ideablob ordeal, um, contest. It would be fair to say that this has not been my most sustainably-lived week - I'm kind of a wreck.

Voting in the finals begins at 12:01 a.m. tonight. Please, please please tell your friends, your parents, your Aunt Ethel and crazy Charlie your neighbor.

Sending love and thanks,

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