Friday, September 19, 2008

Honored and Overwhemed

The South side of the Mercantile. The shingles, which are just scrap pieces of wood from the Shannon Pallet Mill, have been covered with a BioShield oak stain (low VOC, etc.), and the trim and doors painted with two shades of green and a dark indigo. The bales are almost all in - yay!

We have two days left for the Ideablob "sprint," when we'll find out if we'll be going forward to the finals (to win $20,000). It has been an amazing experience. Working so long in my head, with Kurt and a few friends, it has sometimes been hard to hold to vision. I know in my heart what I want to do, what I want to accomplish here at and for Dancing Rabbit, what kind of heart- and earth-centered business I dream of.

Putting it all out there to be voted on was exciting and terrifying. I sent out emails to everyone I could think of. Friends, family, people we've hiked with, former interns and visitors, the women at Eileen Fisher, friends of friends, the people who read Dancing Rabbit's website, the people who have signed up for the Mercantile website...and asked for their help.

And it has poured in. I sit, geek-i-fied to the core, watching the votes scroll by. Many names (and pseudonames) I recognize: Stan Katz (Rachel's dad), Lou Wilkinson (from the Sierra Club), Shining Uni (hi Nicole!), Silicon Valley Rebel (our favorite singer and yoga teacher), FCicela (a friend of DR), SDuffy (my business coach), ZiggyFresh, LatinGrrrl, Tamar, Alyssa, ScratchyDad (Rabbits, all). I am humbled, and grateful, overwhelmed, and weepy. Thank you so much for believing in what we are trying to accomplish. We will work hard to be deserving of your votes!

The Mercantile from the front - love those dormer windows! The porch in front of the bay window (on the right) has been completed, the rest we're working on. The concrete pad on the left is the cistern lid - under it lurks 7,000 gallons of water!

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