Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last 24 hours of Ideablob (and aren't we all glad!)

Hi everyone. We're nearing the end of the Ideablob contest. We've had an amazing day - over 260 votes! Wow. I am neck-deep in gratitude, and bubbling over with awe.

If only it were enough! Sheesh, Project H Design is simply impossible to beat, or at least they seem to be. They have a HUGE network, hundreds of university affiliations, and more. I spent yesterday emailing cohousing groups, ecovillages, strawbale building groups, renewable energy groups, EVERYONE I could think of. And the votes have poured in. But Project H keeps coming, like Rommel driving deep into Egypt (to misquote Richard Brautigan), plowing over every lovely idea in its path.

For those of you just tuning in, please help our business, the Milkweed Mercantile, win a $20,000 cash award. Go to, register, go to your email to confirm your registration, and then vote for "Strawbale off-grid business." We would really appreciate it! THEN, please go to your social networking networks, and network! I am so new at all of this! Twitter, Stumble, trip and fall! (it is really fun, though, "meeting" so many people that I never even knew existed!)

For more on our business, click here.
To watch a short video about the Mercantile, click here.
For photos of the Mercantile in progress, click here.
For more on Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, click here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to come here and read this. And thank you again for voting for us (if you do). We look forward to meeting you in person someday here at the Mercantile!

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