Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ya Gotta See This...

I'm a transplant to the Midwest. The transplanting has taken, mostly. My roots are starting to suck up nourishment from here in the middle instead of over on the left coast, although I will always lean to the left, just a little bit.

All this to say that sometimes I really miss the Bay Area.

I read a blog called I'm Mad and I Eat. The author, who is based in Marin County and married to one of my favorite San Francisco columnists, haunts all of the same food places I did, and grows things in her backyard that do not grow here in Missouri (Meyer Lemons, anyone?). She writes in the most beautifully succinct, spare-yet-elegant style and often has me shouting "right on, sister!" here in my chair because she despises George W. Bush as much as I do, and is fabulously snarky in just the right way. I only read it when I'm feeling strong, however, because the waves of homesickness wash over me like a great tsunami. When I checked in today, I laughed out loud. (NOTE: I was unable to link to the exact post, so scroll down to Tuesday, November 21st)


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