Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Photo Credit Marika_te on Flickr

This morning when we woke up it was 11 degrees BELOW zero. Let me just say that again. ELEVEN BELOW. ZERO. That's cold, baby. Dash outside to bring in firewood and the moisture inside my nostrils froze. My lips froze. My fingers froze. And I was only out there for 30 seconds.
Our cat Fionn's water had frozen solid in the bowl. Inside the house. Granted, it was on a window sill in a drafty back room, but still.
I want points for all of this. I want you all to understand how noble and brave we are to be living in Missouri. How stoic and filled with pioneering spirit (this is about when Kurt would break in and say something like "...filled with BEANS, you mean").
When the Carleton's went to light a fire this morning their house filled with smoke. Come to find out that the chimney had iced over, and smoke could not get out. Plus their water pipes froze. None of our vehicles start.
What on earth do people in Duluth do? Or Alaska? I'm a big whiney baby at 11 below. What would I do if it were REALLY cold?


mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

I give you points baby, huge kudos, gold stars - duplicately - frozen hugs and kisses, magic fairy sunshine dust and applause applause applause -- you ARE noble and brave and tall !!

beautiful picture my lady

Anonymous said...

I for one am so proud of you and Kurt! You're an artiste as well. Are you feeling as happy as I am about tomorrow? It will make below zero feel warm and toasty!! Love MJ

sumari said...

Hi Alline,

You are brave and bold and noble and I love your blog too. It's got to start warming up one of these days right? I am trying to stand the cold by pretending I live in Russia and it's normal to have huge snow banks all around me all the time and to always wear 3 layers of pants and 4 layer of shirts/sweaters! Hang in there Alline, spring is coming!

Alline said...

Thanks everyone - for putting up with my whining! Most of the time I enjoy the cold, and laugh every time I hang my laundry out, because I know that 20 minutes later I can come back and look at it all, stiff as boards (we don't have TV here; entertainment is where one finds it!). Oh, Sumari! I feel so UNWORTHY! If I could kneel at your feet I would (but the longjohns don't let me bend much). YOU are brave and noble - I'm just a bit melodramatic! hugs to all!

Alline Anderson said...

Whoops. I'm taking back that kneeling in front of you. I just re-read that. You're not IN Russia, you just PRETEND to be in Russia. Oh! I'm laughing at what a dork I am. It serves me right to freeze!