Thursday, June 19, 2008

Living with Radar O'Reilly

A miracle came into our lives last year, disguised as our pal Sparky.

In exchange for her living expenses here at Dancing Rabbit she helps us with just about everything. She paints our house (she's a professional), walks our dog (she's Baloo's au pair), brushes the cat (seriously), and tidies up the place. Which believe me, it needs. I have the housekeeping skills of Joan Crawford's abandoned children, and have even been known to use wire hangers.

Sparky topped herself today though. When I came downstairs to fix lunch, the oven was already preheating. When I asked why, she said "I figured you'd want to warm up lunch." Yep. I'd made pizza (from scratch, totally yummy) the night before, and she knew that Kurt likes his crust crunchy. BUT I HADN'T EVEN SAID ANYTHING!

And then, when I asked her if she knew when anyone was going into town, she replied, with just a little glimmer in her eye "oh, yeah. I already asked Annie to pick up some more Dr. Pepper for you when she goes to the fair today."

Who needs Fairy Godmothers? The Milkweeds have Sparky! (Thanks again for all you do!)

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