Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday, Postponed

Birthday to be observed June 30th

Kurt was at his mom's in Minnesota this weekend, and didn't return until this evening. Plus, I'm working my (not so little) fanny to the bone in order to be ready to do the
EcoFaire in LaGrange, IL on Thursday (stop by!) and to launch the Mercantile webstore on July 1st.

My sustainable business isn't feeling so sustainable right now. ACK! So there was simply no time for a birthday today.

There were a few under the radar good wishes though - Jason brought by a delicious honey cake, and Tom came with a beautiful slice of cherry pie that he and Tereza made, Sparky offered to let me do her laundry if it would make me happy, Meadow and her mom came by with an "antique" Dr. Pepper trinket they found in a shop in Memphis, Amy came by and we talked faster than the speed of light about her weekend, Annie input a gazillion entries in the webstore, and a few beloved folks sent email wishes.

Kurt brought home an MP3 player of my very own (wrapped in a big fat Sunday Mpls paper), since I've been coveting his. And now he's going through his music on his computer, playing the first four seconds of each song. I get to yell out:

"NO thank you"
"ooohhhhhhh! I LOVE that song!"

It is very fun.

I didn't get to swim today, but as Kurt was going through the songs he came to Crowded House, who I still adore. And when the chorus to Take the Weather With You came on, it rolled over me in big happy waves. It always brings me back to the concert at the Greek Theatre when the entire crowd stood and sang and sang and sang... the weather was perfect, Neil was perfect, Paul was perfect singing Italian Plastic with his snare drum, the sun was was warm...a little slice of heaven.

Walking round the room singing Stormy Weather
At 57 Mount Pleasant Street
Now its the same room but everythings different
You can fight the sleep but not the dream
Things ain't cooking in my kitchen
Strange affliction wash over me
Julius caesar and the roman empire
Couldnt conquer the blue sky
Theres a small boat made of china
Going nowhere on the mantlepiece
Do I lie like a loungeroom lizard
Or do I sing like a bird released

Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you

Wow. Now he's on John Gorka, and a song we used to play when he was in Minneapolis and I was in Berkeley came on:

I didn't know where to look for you last night
I didn't know where to find you
I didn't know how I could touch that light
That's always gathering behind you
I didn't know that I would find a way
To find you in the morning
But love can pull you out of yesterday
As it takes you without warning
I want to be a long time friend to you
I want to be a long time known
Not one of your memory's used-to-bes
A summer's fading song

It's from me, it's to you
For your eyes
It's a weight, a wonder that is wise
I am here, you are there
Love is our cross to bear
I know I'll think of us upon that hill
With the golden moon arising
And the stars will fall around us still
While the love is realizing
And so it is until we meet again
And I throw my arms around you
You can count the gray hairs in my head
I'll still be thankful that I found you

More tomorrow. Thanks for a great day.

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