Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Saved from Scurvy

Today Tony returned (via train) from a trip to California. While he was in the Bay Area he saw our beloved Miss Lindsey. She is a former member of Sandhill and a character out of a fabulous, wacky, and too-funny-to-be-believed novel that is still being written. Anyway, Tony hauled back a heavy, carefully wrapped package addressed to me and Kurt, with a note that said "hope this'll help fend off the scurvy!"

With great anticipation I peeled back paper layer after bubble wrap layer, finding the glimmering prize inside: two jars of homemade Meyer lemon marmalade. I am swooning! I am SO happy! I may not share it with anyone - I've convinced Kurt that he much prefers strawberry preserves. My morning toast will never be the same.

PS If you need an Aesthetic Pruner and/or Gardening Coach, please contact Lindsay. She does pruning for health and beauty in the urban context - ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, roses, container plants. You will be delighted with her work. And maybe, if you're very good, she'll bring you some marmalade. linzonia@yahoo.com

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