Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ceci N'est Pas Un Chapeau (or, Wear a Hat, Get Birthday Cake)

One of the things I love best about living at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is that for your birthday everyone has to do what you say. Perhaps not the most grammatically graceful sentence, but there you are.

I asked for silly hats. And boy, did I get them! Thanks to everyone who played along and wore a hat, silly or otherwise, to celebrate my birthday!

Here are a few samples of what we're wearing here at DR:

Haley, Kyle ("hey, I had a hat, I had a mouse trap - they seemed to go together!") and Dylan

Jordan and Sheila, wearing the latest in box hats.

Tom wearing Cat IN the Hat, Grant sporting a fabulous pink number, and Lise wearing Cat ON the Hat.

Nani modeling her Saltines Hat. In the background, Cos and April (love those feathers!).

Morgan made this stunner himself. Love it!

Maya looking glamorous in the latest Armadillo hat.

Zane, Cynder with a Shoe Hat, and Jennifer & Alex with fabulous foam hats - they looked like castle heads...

Tim and Bethann (whose hat is Fun "E").

Kim looked divine in this lovely colander...

Mercantile Work Exchangers Morag, Jordan & Katherine slinging pizza in silly hat style!

Even Althea got into the spirit of things and wore her (hopefully clean) diaper on her head.

"Abdul" Orsillo kept cool while playing some hoops and eating cake.

Craig cleverly disguised as a British Bobby.

After making three AMAZING Queen of Sheba cakes Julie (shown here with Dan) decided that her shorts would work wonderfully as a hat. And really, who am I to argue?