Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We Heart Interns

We put the call out for interns - we got a ton of applications and accepted six. And then, out of the blue, came three more helpers - Danae, Elea and Katherine.

Danae, who is Kurt's niece, stayed with us for a month last summer. I have never before seen someone fit in so seamlessly and have so much fun doing it. When she said that she'd like to come back this summer "for as long as the weather holds" (she's a Florida girl, and considers any temperature below 70 an insult to human beings) we screamed "YES!" with as much dignity as we could muster. She totally "gets" it, intuits what needs to be done before we've even thought of it, laughs at our (very corny) jokes, is incredibly even tempered and just a joy to be around. How did we get so lucky?

Elea and Danae working their magic

The Cicela family has been visiting Dancing Rabbit for as long as Kurt and I have been here - 1999. When we first met Elea she was three years old and cute as a bug. Imagine our delight to be able to watch her grow into such an amazing (and beautiful and smart and kind and articulate...) young woman. A wiz at permaculture, and more specifically gardening, she's only been here two days and has already transformed the garden. Every time I walk by my jaw drops and I can't help but jump up and down with excitement (we don't have TV here, and for those of you who worry about me, please don't - I'm just very easily amused). Elea is home-schooled and already taking college classes - because of Iowa law she cannot test for her GED until she's 18. So from the myriad of offers on her plate she chose to join us for a month. We may just tie her to her tent poles when she tries to leave in three weeks...

Katherine mowing with our "solar" (aka electric powered by solar power) mower

And last but certainly not least, is Katherine. She appeared three weeks and two days ago with the first Dancing Rabbit Visitor Group of the season. With a dazzling smile, an effervescent can-do attitude and a laugh that's always ready to go, we couldn't help but offer her a Work Exchange (intern) spot the second she showed an inclination to stay at DR after the visitor session ended (which was about two days after she arrived).

So - big contented sigh from the Top Banana. Look for things to actually get done around here - from blog posts to website updates to dusting - yippee!