Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good-bye Tamar

Working her magic in natural plaster and tile mosaic on a wall at the Milkweed Mercantile.

I'm not sure how exactly to write about the death of a vibrant, talented, intense, blue-eyed 32-year old woman without sounding trite and cliche; besides I'm still so damn angry and hope that someday I'll understand the things in life that just don't make any sense that I can't really write very coherently (that last sentence proves my point).

Today the photos will have to do the talking for me. Our beloved friend (and Dancing Rabbit member) Tamar Friedner died today from pancreatic cancer. Our love and prayers go out to her family. We will miss you Tamar.

(Thanks, Liat, for the use of your pictures).

Fiddling around...

Sandwiched between Ziggy & Liat on Vista de la Moo

Swing that hammer, girl!

With baby Aurelia at Halloween

You gotta love a girl who knows her way around power tools!

"Fashion is my life."