Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Little Help for My Friends

Hi all. I haven't written much lately - Amy, Juan and I are all working frantically (and not really very sustainably) to get our Seminar and Inn reservation software and information up and running. I'm running around like a crazy person, snapping at the dog, yelling at the snow (go figure), whining about credit card rates and html and other things that I do not understand, and generally being a big fat pain in the patootie.

Ah, but the universe has other plans, and it often forces me to wake up and smell the roses. I received an email that once again put it all in perspective.

Look at this beautiful little girl. This is Ja'Naya. She is four.

She was just diagnosed with leukemia.

I blog with Ja'Naya's mom as part of the Green Mom's Carnival. Like many of us, she and her family do not currently have health insurance. I can imagine few things as terrifying.

If you can, I encourage you to donate something, no matter how small. Click here to see more pictures and for a donation link.

Thanks so much. I'll write more tomorrow, and catch you all up on Mercantile & Dancing Rabbit happenings!

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