Thursday, December 3, 2009

Your Chance to Make Difference: Send Diane to Hopenhagen

12/03/09 URGENT Update: HuffPost in conjunction with is sending one person to Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference to both represent concerns of people around the world and to report back daily as a HuffPost citizen journalist.

Please take a minute to vote on the Huffington Post web site to send Green Mom Diane MacEachern to Copenhagen for the Climate Talks. She would be an excellent ambassador to carry the messages we care about. To learn more about her, please check out the interview she did with Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish. I have the pleasure of blogging with Diane in the Green Mom's Carnival each month - she is an amazing advocate for the environment and for human health. VOTING ENDS DEC 4!!!

Thanks all!

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Doug Robertson said...

Two days too late to vote Diane ... will have to check HuffPo for winner. Either way hoping the Conference is a success.