Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fighting the Good Fight: Green Ads

We're in sad/crisis mode here at Dancing Rabbit today - one of our beloved members has just been diagnosed with what appears to be inoperable cancer. I (and most of the other Rabbits) are wandering around in a fog, and are not much good for anything. I'll write more insightful, interesting posts later; for now, I'd like to share some innovative green ads that were recently posted on Oddee.

Coming in a very close third in my personal pantheon of "Eco Ways I've Changed My Life" (after hanging out my laundry to dry, and hankies) is GETTING RID OF LAWNS. Denver Water Authority's excellent m new campaign, from Denver's Sukle Advertising & Design, frames TV and outdoor placements around the tag line, “Grass is dumb. Water 2 minutes less. Your lawn won't notice”.

Prolam Y&R , Santiago produced this large-scale billboard showing refugees fleeing from a flood in Asia, with dozens of air conditioners peeping out from a refurbished building, was produced to raise conscience regarding global warming. The line: El aire que enfría tu hogar, calienta el mundo (THE AIR THE COOLS YOUR HOME, HEATS UP THE WORLD), was used to help convey that climate change is also due to excess of carbon dioxide in the air.

This World Wildlife Fund ad campaign featuring public bathroom towel dispensers. These paper towel dispensers have a cut out the shape of South America through which a stack of green paper towels illustrates the green rain forest canopy of the continent. As the paper towel dispenser is slowly drained of its green paper towels, we see the greenness slowly drained out of South America, symbolizing the nasty environmental impact of disposable paper towels. How many more reminders do we need? What are you using in YOUR home?

WWF France presents a visual reminder of the importance of trees to the atmosphere in “Lungs”, a print advertisement developed by TBWA\Paris. The tag line: “Before it's too late”

For over 70 years now New Zealand's SAFE has been the voice for all animals, helping expose animal cruelty and abuse as well as fighting against animal testing across the world. The organization mainly uses public awareness campaigns (and advertisements) and political lobbying to expose and question the needless use of animals in cruel experiments and commercial exploitation. The ads above specifically target the latter, provoking questions about the use of animals as scarves, boots and other leather goods, and so on. More ads here at WebEcoist. Do you suppose that if we sent these ads to the women (and men) who feel they simply MUST have fur (or alligator boots or shoes) that it would do any good?

Use electricity wisely, another clever environment ad. This one is from the national power company Eskom in South Africa.

With that, I leave you with wishes for a healthy, calm and gratitude-filled day. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I am sad to here the news - although I do not know Tamar- I have been reading the DR web sites for at least 10 years- I came across the web site by accident years ago. I find it hit me in gut to read about the cancer. I have always thought about communities such as yours but I am so tied up in my career I never get beyond thinking about it,

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