Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cob Rocket Stove, or, The Secret Life of Ziggy

Kurt and I see Ziggy a lot through our windows during the day. We never really know where he's going (unless he stops in at our house, and we know that he's there...) or what he's up to. And he's always up to something.

The other day we saw him go by with a long pink scarf wrapped jauntily around his neck. This being Dancing Rabbit, we're used to all sorts of sartorial splendor, but found it a bit unusual for Ziggy. Red union suit? Certainly. But we'd never seen any scarf action.
Checking out his photos on Flickr today, it all became clear. Ziggy's building his rocket stove.
It looks like Mark of Red Earth Farms is helping out, and I imagine that he is the one who took the photo, above. But DO check out the Ziggy's pictures - his whole house is a lovely dream crafted out of straw, clay and sand.

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