Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good news, holiday plans and getting too big for my britches!

OK. After ten minutes of trying, I'm CLEARLY not bright enough to embed a video for you to watch here. But I DO know how to LINK something, so click here to view a life-changing video, or at least a brief snippet of humor and truth.
I'm also trying to figure out Twitter both the hows and the whys. Do people REALLY have spare time to do this all day? It's a puzzlement. Maybe it's because they're at desk jobs with the computer, cell phone and blackberry in hand?
However, there IS some good news in amongst the stock market crashes and scary VP announcements. We heard from our friends Rick and Jaime in San Diego that they got married in July. Hooray!

I've been "shopping" for the Mercantile's Holiday selection and having a blast. Take a look at some of these fabulous things (included are organic Blueberry Lavender preserves, pendants made from scrabble tiles, organic baby rattles, playground scavenger hunt, and organic fair trade chocolate "puddles":

We should have them all up online by the beginning of next week.
Tomorrow Kurt and I are off to LaGrange, IL for the West Suburban Women Entrepreneur's Anniversary Event: “The Face of the Woman Entrepreneur", featuring a distinguished panel of women entrepreneurs moderated by Emmy-winning broadcaster Jenniffer Weigel.
Guess who is one of the distinguished panelists? Yup. Better brush my teeth!

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