Sunday, September 7, 2008

Building a Village with thoughts of Abundance, Prosperity and Doo Doo

Oh, how I love Sunday mornings, even without a big fat Sunday paper. At the ripe old age of 51 I've figured out how to make really good pancakes. I don't know why this simple task has been so challenging - I can make Tarte Tatin, and a kick-ass clay pot chicken. But pancakes eluded me until yesterday when I added more flour and less liquid to the pancake recipe from the Farm Cookbook. It was pretty amazing. So we had them again today.

Over pancakes Kurt was telling me his latest adventures playing Civilization 4. It is, apparently, a game where one has the opportunity to create civilization, raise armies, raze cities, plunder or be diplomatic. Once a week he's been playing with Morgan (age 13) and Duncan (age 10). After a few weeks Duncan (aka Napoleon) got bored, and quit. However, his cities still remain. The cities are charmingly named Moo, Moo 2 and Doo Doo. Kurt says they always crack up when they get an announcment from The Citizens of Doo Doo, wanting a larger military presence in their town. Perhaps we should consider renaming Dancing Rabbit.

It's time for Sunday clean, our chance to scour the scum and detrius of a week of heavy living out of the Common House. Not my favorite task, but we have the best team on the farm and get that sucker cleaned in record time. More later!


Jeffrey said...

Oh, I should play civ4 with Kurt the next time I come to town!

Mother Earth said...

detrius - a truly awesome word

I can't make lasagna - just so you know.

pancakes elude me but french toast - I got that one down