Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday redux

Well, I managed to extend my birthday for two weeks, which is quite a lovely idea. Amy baked the most beautiful and incredibly delicious coconut cake (with not one but 2 cans of coconut milk)

Amy and the oh-so-divine cocolicious birthday cake

and then we had a 70's dance party. During the real 70's I hated disco, since it was SO not cool (all that polyester) but it is so much fun to dance to. Kurt spent all day downloading my long list of songs which ran from Car Wash to Super Freak to everyone's favorite singalong, I Will Survive. No BeeGees, though, and no Abba. A girl has to maintain her standards.

Tom Cowan, ready to get down and boogie

It is also bittersweet. Songs like It's Raining Men remind me of all my friends who are gone, an entire generation of gay men wiped out. Sigh.

Here are a few pix from the bash at the still-to-be-named New Pond (or "Bay of Ralph") on July 4th:

(L-R) Tereza, fashion maven Tamar, & Alyson snapping pix

Toby, Kurt, Meadow & the Bagwan Shri Nathan

"I'll give you a buck if you throw this thing..."

And here are a couple from dinner at Jason's, overlooking Red Earth Farms land...

Jason, Noah & Sonya

I'm writing this after coming home from Papa Bear's Karaoke Birthday party. It was so fun, and funny. My throat is sore but it was so worth it! Night!

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