Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Kurt!

Kurt looking oh-so-dashing in the Birthday Cape and his Carhart coveralls

Liat knocked on our door early this morning to present THE BIRTHDAY CAPE to Kurt to wear on this special day, his 57th birthday. He put it on, and wore it all day. Actually, he took it off when he and Bob spied a grass fire out on DR land (you can see a long way from the second floor of the Mercantile) and went dashing off to save the day. He felt that perhaps a tie-dyed cape was not appropriate apparel when working side-by-side with one's Mennonite neighbors to extinguish prairie blazes...But he put it back on for dinner, and is wearing it right now as he takes over the world (playing 'Civilization' on his computer).

We celebrated last night with a 4-layer chocolate cake at Sandhill dinner:

As you can tell my theory on birthday cakes is primarily "if you can't make them really pretty, glop on a LOT of really good chocolate..." It seems to work very well - everyone loved it and there wasn't a smidgen of chocolate left on the plate.

We also made "Happy Birthday Kurt!" badges, and the kids helped me distribute them this morning. Even Baloo wore one for an hour or so (his was tied, not pinned, on).

Toren, Sierra, Baloo, Cynder & Angela wearing 'Happy Birthday' badges

And finally, for Kurt on his birthday, with love:

Us Together
I do not like anything the way I
like you in your underwear I like you
and in your party clothes o my in your
party clothes and with nothing on at all
you do not need to wear a thing at all
for me to like you and you may talk or
not talk I like you either way nothing
makes me feel so nearly at home on Earth
as just to be with you and say nothing.

-George Johnston

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